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This is all 2007-edition and a lot of it is invalid now.

Zomg Development.
Welcome to the Tundra of Heroes section of the DotQ Wiki. This area is mainly being used by Flak to consolidate things and plan things out and stuff like that, so it's pretty minimal in terms of usefulness to the common reader. It's also chock-full of spoilers. Yeah. Um. If you're here, and haven't finished the story, and aren't Flak, you might want to leave.

This section will be made to contain informations and interesting stuffs once the story is complete. Probably. In the meantime, direct yourselves here: ToH Main Page


Byhr, a History? --- The Covenant? --- The Town --- Main Themes


Tomora Ynthon
Jeuni Huros?
Kihara Watsuji
Aranji Herald
The Southern Wind?
Gyurot Merlne
Sone Huros?
Danl Huros?

Story, etc.

Plotting a Journey

Odds and Ends

Holders of the Covenant
Magic in TOH?
Sources of Inspiration

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