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Default Actions

display the specified page (default action if no ?action= is present)
edit the specified page
show a change history of the specified page
displays dialog for setting/changing password of the specified page
display a form to upload an attachment for the current group
retrieve the page's attachment named file.ext
displays a form for generating hashed passwords out of clear text for usage in your config.php
display the specified page using the skin specified by $ActionSkin['print']
displays searchbox on current page
performs search with searchterm and displays results on current page
show page source
prompt visitor for username/password
remove author, password, and login information
If web feeds are enabled, returns a syndication feed based on the contents of the page or other options provided by the url.
bring up the reference count form, which allows the user to generate a list of links (all, missing, existing or orphaned) in or from specified groups. See RefCount. Part of the core distribution but must be enabled by the administrator.
sets cookie to custom preferences page. See SitePreferences

Actions enabled by $EnableDiag:

the following actions are available only if you set $EnableDiag = 1 in your configuration file. They can be used for debugging and should not be set in a production environment.

displays a list of all markups in 3 columns:
  • column 1 = markup-name (1. parameter of markup() )
  • column 2 = when will rule apply (2. parameter of markup() )
  • column 3 = PmWiki's internal sort key (derived from #2)
To see more than what ?action=ruleset gives you, apply the Cookbook:MarkupRulesetDebugging recipe: it can also show the pattern and the replacement strings.
displays the output of phpinfo() and exits. no page will be processed
displays a dump of all global vars and exits. no page will be processed

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