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Dreams of the Quill has been around, in some form or another, for almost three years. In this time, certain traditions, customs, what have you, have come to be.

Main Site

Birthday Celebration:

  • DotQ celebrates its birthday on March 27th. On this day, Flak usually makes a tiny and forgettable post on the main page to which no one responds. It is expected that the average forum-goer think DotQ is less than a year old for this reason.

April Fool's:

  • On April 1st, Flak is bound to do something stupid. In 2006, he made the site pink. In 2007, he wrote a fake chapter for the Hunter Chronicles. In 2008, he V& the Jason character in Night Switch. In 2009, he announced that he was leaving DotQ in order to take over East Asia and declare war on Europe. What will he do in 2010? Probably D-DOS himself.


  • DotQ has an excellent tradition of flip-flopping between having a schedule and ... not. Whenever Flak is feeling productive, he immediately announces the arrival of a schedule, which promptly kills his productivity. Then he abolishes the schedule only to begin adhering to it. This has happened at least a hundred times.


Surreal Trolling:

  • Surreal?, a bitter lonewolf, joined the DotQ forums very early on (back when he was less of a troll). Because of his esteemed status as Member #2, and because he is an expert Warcraft 3 terrainer, and because he's from the war3forums, he wasn't for the longest time banned—though he really, really deserved it. These are some reasons why. His user account was officially suspended on September 18th, 2007.

Every 1000 Posts:

  • Every 1000 posts, Flak makes an announcement telling the other forum-goers how awesome they are. Really, he should just thank himself (he makes about 70% of the posts on the forum).

Thread Hijacking:

  • At least 98% of the threads on the DotQ forums go horrendously off-topic.

Activity Flux:

  • Every so often, the DotQ forums become super-active. The latest example is August 1st, 2007, when over 100 posts were made in a single day. These periods are great, and have a snowballing effect on activity (it just gets better), but Flak is bound to comment on the increase in activity. And when he does, the forums die, for months at a time.
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