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FTP Main Page
For the Pen [And my Dreams] is a lengthy story told in several separate parts from the perspective of a man named Kaze. The character Kaze is more or less based off Flak.


Robert Zimmers?

Segments of For the Pen

For the Pen [And my Dreams]

The original story tells the short tale of Yamano Kaze as a junior in high school meeting Suigeki.

For the Pen v2!

The continuation of "the main story", FtP v2 is set after the original, in Osaka, where Kaze has gone off to college. It is the first FtP to feature Nimue Fuuko.

For the Pen Recollections

Spin-offs of FtP v2, these are shorts that take place in Osaka at roughly the same time as FtP v2.

For the Pen Recollections - The Biography

Set several years beyond Ftp v2, this is the story of Kaze's interactions with Robert Zimmers and his life in Nantucket.
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