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What is Drawing My Heart?

  • Basics

Formerly known as Kashibana Joshikou, Drawing my Heart is the project currently being worked on in the DotQ Forums. The goal is for it to eventually be an epic high school romance graphic novel. Thing.

  • Discussion

Post in the Drawing My Heart section of the DotQ Forums to discuss the project's status, to give some feedback, or to contribute a couple of thoughts. In order to read up on what we've got currently, or in order to edit the DMH Wiki, click through the large links below.

At some point during his tenure at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Flak got it in his head to make a visual novel version of Drawing my Heart. Some flaws in this plan included: the platform being the internet, the novel not being very visual, and the programming behind it being more work-intensive than Flak had originally planned. Before code-named 'cool thing,' DMH Online is now public. And very, very much not complete.
It is delicious link: DMH Online

  • Contribution

This isn't just Alar and Flak- if you're interested, you're more than welcome to flesh out characters, to draw concept art, to leave thoughts in the forum. Drawing My Heart is far from anything close to a "thought-out work." We need to do a lot more planning and discussing before we can get anything else done. If you could help speed the process up, post on the forums.

  • Contributors

So far, the following are recognized as having contributed to this project in some way:
Black Shard

Contributors to the Drawing My Heart Wiki: Flak, KingCrazyGenius, Alar

DMH ->


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