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This is currently under heavy development and should be ignored for the time being.

The Changing of the Guard is a series set in a fictional fantasy setting written by Flak. It currently revolves around a few citizens of the City, primarily Gregg Orres and Liley Anders, two guards of the Watch, and 'Gray', a beautiful alchemist and sorceress, and their journey in trying to restore order and discover the mystery of the Dustman who has his own dangerous agenda.

There will be spoilers further in. You have been warned.


Gregg Orres
King Neith
Liley Anders
Grace Valence?
The Dustman?
Commander Warn?
Sergeant Jeren?

Story, etc.

Brotherhood of the Watch?
Dusk Knights?


The City?
The Citadel?
Sector 2?
Sector 3?
Sector 4?
Sector 5?
The Bay?
The Shell?
The Dustlands?

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