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All the text currently on Dreams of the Quill will remain here indefinitely (links below), but it no longer represents the current condition of Tundra of Heroes. Right now, TOH is in a sort of limbo where I am giving it some room to breathe between finishing the first complete draft and beginning heavy-duty editing. If you want to be a part of this process, contact me and request a manuscript. Otherwise, feel free to just go ahead and read what’s on DotQ. There will be announcements if anything more ever comes of this project.

Tundra of Heroes—

Legends tell of a place called the “Shaded Orchard,” a heaven-on-earth where the dead live on in peace. It lies far to the south of the Midlands, and is generally considered unreachable by living men. The legends are a pleasant fantasy entertained by those who would rather be anywhere but the war-torn Midlands…

Part 1: Juggling Memories
Jeuni Huros, a juggler and drunk fool, sees his world turned upside down when a traveler promises him a trip to the South. His journey takes him through vast landscapes and haunting memories. What he encounters in the South may change the course of the Midlands forever…

Parts 2&3: Excavating Time & Conducting a Campaign
Twenty years before the founding of the Byhr Empire, and seventy before Jeuni’s trip south, the archaeologist Intra Noi explores the southern wastes. As he ages and his loved ones leave him behind, he struggles to preserve his lifetime of research in a form that will benefit his people. Forty years later, the conductor Tomora Ynthon mounts a wrathful campaign on his homeland. Both men brush with the same forces as Jeuni—and neither emerges unscathed.

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