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Apr 25DotQ v7 is here!

Hey everyone. I’m going to keep this brief. There’s a new theme on the block. Its name is Az, and it wants you to explore it. Lots of things are better-organized or better-presented than before. Single-post views blot out the background and sidebars a bit so that the content comes forward. As always, feel free to give feedback. Does it look funky? bad? great? Could this use work, or could that? I’m open to your critiques. This is the fruit of a lot of labor, so I don’t want it to be mediocre.

For now, though, all I’ll say is this…
– Appropriate changes for the forums & wiki are going to come, but not immediately.
– There may be one or more easter eggs in the new theme.
– Sorry for not getting CotG 8 out on time. I was sick. It’s en route.

Jun 20Launching DotQ Version 6

Hey guys!

As is obvious, I have made some fairly huge changes to the site design. This is Dreams of the Quill version 6, ‘Creation.’ Take a look around, enjoy it. I’m really tired right now, so the following may not be coherent, but read the rest of this post for a non-exhaustive list of changes I find significant.

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Jun 4Art Gallery Move Complete

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I began this work in December, and it is finally complete.

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Mar 28Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Though I finished redesigning DotQ back in September, there were many organizational tweaks still to be performed. In October, I finished moving Tundra of Heroes and the Crystals of Mana to a new presentation style. In December, I began reformatting the art galleries.

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Dec 26State of DotQ, 12/26/08

Stuff’s happening.

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Dec 9State of DotQ, 12/9/08

There are some new things stirring on the forum side, and I’ve got a few announcements regarding the main site.

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