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Sep 28DMH ’07!!

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I’d like to direct everyone’s attention to the Picture Gallery section of this page. It will be continually updated as more pictures are made, and some further work will most likely be done to make it look better.

Sep 21Drawing My Heart News, 9-21-07

Well, when I announced that September 2007 would be Drawing My Heart Progress Month (short on the heels of August 2007, which was the “first” Drawing My Heart Progress Month), I did not expect the month to live up to August.

And… it has. Incredibly so.

The story has been cemented, characters fleshed out, art created—did I mention art? Sumiyoshi picked up DMH art and has been churning out sketches by the boat-load. I’ve also begun the work of bringing the DMH Wiki up to date (which is no small task).

Anyway, I’m super-excited about what this unexpected increase in activity could mean for the future. Let’s hope that October becomes Progress Month #3!

Feb 15Joker Colored, Gem Sketched

I bring you the coloring of The Joker – First Design. I also bring you (though most of you have seen it already) the latest sketch of Gem, a 2-hour affair that resulted in big swords and a small head.

The Joker – First Design [Color]
Gem – Two Runeblades

I also humbly apologize for yesterday’s behavior.

Oh, and Kashibana Joshikou may well have just gotten its new name. An announcement (and wiki adjustment) are pending full approval.

Jan 23A peek at the future

So, as some of you may know, I recently did a lot of work on the HC wiki.

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Jan 18An Outline for the Crystals of Mana

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I have what I think is fairly good news.

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Nov 12Hunter Chronicles – Family Tree

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Well, I do have something for you.

I was supposed to have this out Thursday, and then commence work on Chapter Twelve immediately, aiming for the scheduled release date. Well, that went down the drain, but here we have the finished product!

It’s a family tree (chart?) showing the lines of ancestry from Chaos to his/her/its grandchildren and all the way down to the three main characters of the Crystals of Mana. Each block links to the appropriate character’s page on the wiki, or, in the case of characters whose pages have not yet been made, to a page urging the viewer to create a page for the character.

Hunter Chronicles – Family Tree

I had the idea to do this after Alar showed confusion when I pointed out that Gem (Hunter) is Mana (II)’s cousin, not his brother. He wondered about Kieku calling them brothers- I explained that Kieku was not talking to Gem as the descendant of Gem al’Kondo but as Legend Reborn. Legend and Mana are brothers. :)