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Nov 19No HC this weekend (excuses and notes on scheduling)

I … uh… hmm. Excuses fail me.

I’ve got something like two pages down on Chapter Twelve. And I will post it. Probably some time next week. Right now I’m semi-swamped. I’ve got a lot of work leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, and I’m going to be fairly busy through the weekend if not longer. HC is not dead- don’t think that for a moment! But there won’t be any releases for a while at this rate. I also am thinking of abandoning Sunday- the next chapter will be here as soon as it is done. I promise that much.

Now, it’s not like I haven’t been producing anything at all

I’m working on a Gem sprite for Wesnoth. Here’re his ranged animations: the last work I did on him.

I also wrote something on Thursday. You can read that if you haven’t already. Your Last Truth.

Finally, more reading material: GheoFabulousDuk graces us with an assignment for English class.