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Jan 2State of DotQ, 2011

Looking forward. The current design is set to stay for quite a while. The forums are up and reasonably active. KCG is running the first RPG on the forums in a long time. Night Switch is returning to DotQ, effective Monday. I am making a renewed commitment to keeping the site chugging along at its old pace. 2010 was a gap year—let’s rock.

I’m out of town for 9 days; be nice.

Aug 26Tundra Website, Part 1 Launch

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Today I am launching the new website for my story Tundra of Heroes. Woo! And along with the new website, the new revision of Jeuni’s story! Woo! There might be words for how much better the new version is, but I don’t have them right now. The differences are huge, I can tell you that much.

I think it’s pretty cool. :D

I’ve got some notes on the site after the jump…

Jun 20Launching DotQ Version 6

Hey guys!

As is obvious, I have made some fairly huge changes to the site design. This is Dreams of the Quill version 6, ‘Creation.’ Take a look around, enjoy it. I’m really tired right now, so the following may not be coherent, but read the rest of this post for a non-exhaustive list of changes I find significant.

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Dec 22Winter Break and all it brings

I’ll be writing a lot—some amount every day, starting tonight. I’ll be doing some web design—cleaning up house around DotQ. I’ll be hanging out with friends—folks back from college for a few weeks.

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Oct 5Flak’s Work, Part One

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This is the first in a new series of posts on DotQ.

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Sep 27Announcing DotQ v5!

I started work on this redesign on Tuesday the 23rd, and am calling it done now.

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