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Feb 26We Be Goblins – Variable Players

For Free RPG Day 2011, Paizo released We Be Goblins!, a one-shot adventure for 1st-level goblin characters. It’s a pretty sweet module—you should all check it out (it’s free!). Anyway, when I finally got together players to run it, I had more folks than the four for whom it’s written. There weren’t enough pre-generated characters, and the challenges were looking to be too easy for a group of seven.

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Jan 2Early 2012 DotQ Plans

Happy New Year, Dreams of the Quill. We’re headed toward the end of the Mayan calendar, the most important implication of which is that Night Switch will either come true within four months or be proved fiction. Oh, Night Switch. The good old days. Swift & sloppy writings three days a week, sticking to a schedule even if it meant churning out chaff. But I gave the fans what they wanted. I have no regrets.

Except for this: that I have not been writing nearly enough since Night Switch petered out. And for this: that what I have been writing, I have not been posting.

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