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Mar 1Valkyria Chronicle 3 Imca CGI Process

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Not a tutorial, but a progress work of my first full colored one layer painting and describing how I went about it.

Started fairly sketchily, with the lines being rough and just organizing where I want the pose to be like and where things generally are, it’s a very rough process with lots of overlapping and a little bit of cleaning. The main idea at this point is to block out everything and know where things are.

This is where I spent hours after hours linearting the sketch. This process took many many hours. There weer areas of errors at this point that I at first didn’t know how to change to get the perspective right like the armor on the leg. Later on were more fixed, but this is the point where I drew on top of the sketch layer and tried to add in the details I want in the final drawing.

Made a new layer, set it to multiply, decided where I wanted the dark and lights. Blocked in the general idea of shading, didn’t go into specific details.

At this point I cell-shaded my drawing with the colors underneath the lineart and multiply layer. The previous gray I blocked in can still be seen and knows where I have my dark and lights. I also started a little bit on the hair and began to work on the face more.

A little bit more details on the face at that stage. I made a new layer ontop of everything else and this is where the one layer painting really starts, where I would began painting the face using solid colors at lower opacity at where I had the shading. Darker colors at the areas of the shading and going over it a few times would cover up the gray completely with the solid colors. Same with lighter areas of the face.

I worked at the cloths a little bit and used a 100% soft brush for the armor to get a soft blending and a really really light blue for the highlight of the armor and orange light reflecting. The fabric were just variation of gray with textured brush so the colors wouldn’t be so even and look rougher.

At this point I put a color as the background, which defeats the idea of a one layer painting, but it makes it easier to see the colors than the contrasting white.

Moving down on the picture, I colored more of her hair and chest as well as shaded some areas like her hairbow and some shoulder armor.

A little bit of details on this.

This point I started using big brushes instead of small little brushes after realizing how long this project is taking me. Drawing a big character like this, I noticed how the little bits of smoothing and coloring would be anti-productive and just straight out time consuming. Not that I was any bolder, but I started to make my brush a little bit bigger as seen on her leg with the wider brush strokes.

She’s mostly colored at this point with only the weapon left. At this point I am so sick with the drawing I was about to call it quit anytime, so it was a real push in the end. There were just too many details and mechanics on her rocket-laucher-sword, so I kinda just took the liberty to take away all the mechanics and wires and loops and little mechanical gadgets on her weapon.

A thing to note is that instead of pure white, I used yellowish-white for her handle just because pure white doesn’t really look like the real bands. However, it was much later in the drawing I realized everything about her looks too new and there’s no battle damage and her armor is too saturated and pretty to look like she’s fighting a real war, but instead she looks like a model showcase, which could likely be the case at this point.

Final product. Increased the size of her rocket round holder, still way too small though. Those rocket round barrels are HUGE, but that was a mistake from the very beginning with the sketch. I also redrew her left leg plate to make it fit the perspective better instead of the completely questionable angle it was at before. This was just a really really long process and because I’m really slow with coloring, this actually took me several days working on it.

This can be found on along with other of my various drawings.