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Aug 15TOH Progress, 8/15/10

Rewrite progress: 8.7/10
Once I finish up Chapter 9 and do Chapter 10, it’ll be time for a quick one- or two-week pass through the entirety of Jeuni’s story setting things straight.

I won’t have finished before my classes begin, but I will complete an “as perfect as I can make it right now” Tundra of Heroes Part 1 before the summer ends. (P.S. Ironic tag is ironic.)

Dec 23Tundra of Heroes Delays

Yeah, sorry. No ToH this weekend for various reasons, among them that I had a hard week. More on that later, once it’s sufficiently in the past.

Anyway, that’s not the point. Go here to see what I *did* accomplish in the last couple days, which is significantly less cool than a chapter of Tundra of Heroes. It’s something, at least. I’m not entirely empty-handed. Also, I’d like to point you to the fact that ToH will still be finished by the end of the month.

Dec 6Tundra of Heroes Prologue REDUX

I just out and rewrote the “meh/awful” prologue of Tundra of Heroes. It’s needed it from the beginning really due to quality things, but then there’s also that I did some research and found that the so-called tundra the speaker described couldn’t possibly be a tundra.

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Dec 2December Release Schedule

Due to … things that came up in the past two days, as mentioned toward the end of this post … I have made little headway on Farewell to Gauntlet. I’m not releasing v0.3 (the full text-only version I’ve been promising for two weeks now) today. And because I’m finally getting down to the wire with Tundra of Heroes, don’t expect FtG v0.3 anytime in 2007. January, maybe. February for sure if I spend all of January editing and re-editing and re-re-editing ToH.

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Nov 3Tundra of Heroes will be 11 or 12 Chapters

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Just a quick note.

Oct 25Tundra of Heroes Plans

I know I’m bad with schedules. You know I’m bad with schedules. It’s a fact that running DotQ has proven time and time again. But this isn’t a schedule, really. It’s a goal.

I intend to finish the preliminary writing of Tundra of Heroes by the end of this year.

This means a few things. For one, there will be no more releases of Hunter Chronicles chapters for the rest of 2007. For another, my further participation in Drawing My Heart this year will be extremely limited (which is probably okay, because I think we’ve run out of steam for the time being). Finally, I will not have time to participate in any forum-based roleplaying (not like I do any right now, anyway).

Here’s my plan: write four more chapters in the next two months, completing the story of ToH. I will then dedicate next January to polishing the total of ten chapters, getting them ready so that they may be enjoyed by someone who isn’t a regular here. By someone who might not be my closest comrade.

I’ve been running massive numbers of projects for several years now, but my completion rate is ridiculously low. The only thing I really “completed” out of all my longer writing projects was For the Pen, v2!, and that was more than two years ago???not an accurate reflection of the current quality of my writing, etc. A few months back, I finished a short story set in the Hunter Chronicles world, “Gauntlet and the Broken Angel,” but that doesn’t really stand on its own???it needs to be read by someone who knows something of HC.

Tundra of Heroes was originally some little experiment project I fooled around with for fun, kind of like all the rest of my projects. This post is my “I’m so serious” declaration. Tundra of Heroes is going to be completed, and it’s going to be good, and I’m going to show it to people and say, “this is what I can do now.”

Now, at my previous release rates of one chapter per week, maybe giving myself two months to complete four chapters seems lenient. Please keep in mind that I’m applying to colleges next month, writing scholarship application essays right and left, working a job (it’s official! more on this later), and trying to stay on top of school work. I wrote one chapter of Tundra of Heroes in the last month. This is going to take an incredible amount of devotion to do. I think I have that devotion.

I need to have it.
(Yes, for those who know about my fear of Novembers, this goal is a preventative measure.)

And now, I leave you with a sketch. A sketchity sketch.
It’s a preliminary concept for Ynthon. Please look, and if you wanna comment, do so on this post. I’m not putting the drawing in the Art section. Too rough. I should note, though, that I’m happy with how it is for what it is. Whatever all these excess words mean.

Click for full view:
ynthon concept art