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Jun 30LBNL 2008, Day 4 and some random updates

I began working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory last Wednesday. I’m in the same place as last year, down to the same cubicle. It still had my name on it. The computer, an extremely dusty G5, still had my application preferences saved in my account. Orientation was still devastatingly snore-inducing.

My work this summer so far has revolved around WordPress… which is awesome. It seems like this time around I’m actually going to make something usable for the Communications Department in the way of a Content Management System, and two serious possibilities being explored right now are Drupal and WordPress. Erik, the main web guy here, is figuring out what he can and can’t do with Drupal; I’m figuring out what I can and can’t do with WordPress. It’s very fun because I love working with WordPress and I don’t feel like a complete idiot because I know a lot about the software. And I’m still learning stuff as I go! Woot.

Ultimately, my task will be to turn this mess into a CMS that will allow non-tech savvy Communications folks to push content themselves.

So yeah. That’ll keep me busy for a while, at least.

In the meantime, I’m looking for time to devote to writing, drawing, and my own web business. I’m pretty pooped at the end of a day so it’s a bit tricky. I’m going to try to get back to a 2xweek Night Switch schedule, starting this Friday. I also want to get the ball rolling on HC again… hopefully I can finish up book one before the year’s over.

I’ll try to keep the site updated somehow!

Oh, and in the meantime, you guys can check out the changes on It’s been improved a bit, I think.

Jun 20A Hectic Pre-summer of Nothing

As stated before, I’ve not had reliable internet access. As such, I’ve missed out on a bunch of things since June 7th… web serials, blogs, tech news, etc. I’ve not been able to do what I wanted with the days between graduation and starting my job due to a lack of computers with internet access and proper power. Not enough web work, close to no writing, one drawing, very very little anime.

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