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Jan 17Professor, Professor

I have four of them this semester as of this posting. I hope to have half that many soon, but that depends on the fates (read: Letters & Science advising and policy). Let me tell you a few things about them.

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Apr 2An Apology to my Victims

Having seen the E98 story previously posted here, you might be thinking to yourselves—is this all Flak has written in the last four months? It’s goofy and it’s not even that good! Fear not, dear my few readers, for I have been more productive than Dreams of the Quill will have you believe. Granted, I have been writing far less than I should like to, weekly Rhetoric essays aside, but three short stories is two more than one short story—for an increase in apparent productivity of 200%!

“But Flak,” you might argue, “I don’t see these two extra short stories of which you speak.”

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