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Mar 11FTPR – The Biography, Part 3

…what? You were expecting more TLS? Why ever were you doing that? Just because I’ve been hurrying to finish Fuyu doesn’t mean I’m hurrying to get Haru out there. Remember, kids- For the Pen is the only thing I actually have going for me at the moment. HC’s a pain to piece back together from broken text files, ToH is a mess, and TLS is just… inferior to FtP on every level.

So yes, I have an update. And no, it’s not TLS.

I’m still immensely pleased with how this is going. This new section gives a bit of a glimpse at some of the things that have happened in the seven years since Kaze’s time as a freshman in Osaka. We take a peek at Zimmers’ journals and see a snippet of Kaze writing with a pen once more. …what’s wrong? Kaze seems upset. Guess you’ll have to wait for part four to find out!

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Feb 23FTPR – The Biography, Part 2

After everything I said in this morning’s update about not taking the time to learn about integrating forum session ids, I spent an un-ok non-zero amount of time trying to figure it out this morning. Ended up needing to rush to class. Wow, I’m funny, aren’t I?

In other news, I am glad to inform you that I once again broke assurance.

Did I say TLS Fuyu would be the next thing I updated? Hell with that. That’s right, because I’m bringing you a brand new, shiny, super-awesome installment of FOR THE PEN! Aaaaand here it is:

Personally, I’m still really excited about this new arc. I’m happy with how it’s going and I see only improvement in the future. Isn’t this more fun than dull revisions of HC, your classic fantasy epic? Isn’t this more fun than badly written TLS, or, for that matter, even the well-written revision of TLS? Isn’t this more fun than me playing Wyvern for three hours? Enjoy :)

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Feb 10FTPR – The Biography, Part 1

For the Pen: Recollections continues.

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