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Dec 19Drawing Harvest 16, 12-19-08

I totally forgot to put this out on Wednesday, so you get some bonus drawings I did on Thursday!

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Dec 10Drawing Harvest 15, 12-10-08

I know I just changed the format for these two Harvests ago, but I think that this new way is even better for me. Posting takes less than a tenth the time, etc. Also, I’m numbering Drawing Harvests now.

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Dec 3Drawing Harvest 14, 12-03-08

I said I’d post this this Friday, but I didn’t finish Tundra of Heroes Chapter 14 in time as I spent yesterday on other creative pursuits. Enjoy some sketches.

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Nov 19Drawing Harvest 13, 11-19-08

I’m switching up the format of these a bit. Now, each image has a number, and the descriptions are not all crammed into a single ugly paragraph.

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Nov 10Drawing Harvest 12, 11-10-08

So I’ve been drawing a bit recently, thanks to getting my tablet working again. Haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like, or as well as I’d like, but here’s the latest harvest.

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Nov 2Joe's Office Woes 01

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A new series here at Dreams of the Quill, Joe’s Office Woes is a 4-panel comic that will ultimately deal with all the troubles Joe has adjusting to his new team mates. This first one is just an adaptation of a scene that occurs in Night Switch 06.04. Future installments will feature new material and will hopefully be, well, funny. But we shall see.

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