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Dec 26State of DotQ, 12/26/08

Stuff’s happening.

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Dec 9State of DotQ, 12/9/08

There are some new things stirring on the forum side, and I’ve got a few announcements regarding the main site.

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May 30State of DotQ, 5/30/07

First off, forums! Of most noteworthy win is Kefka’s return. Besides that, within the last week both Cheeks’s RPG and Nate_dawg’s RPG started. Also, we got close to 200 posts in about 10 days, saving May from being a terribly inactive month. Oh, and we have a new member! Says he’s a friend of Black Shard’s, or something.

Next, art! TheNewHorde promised us the pictures, but the pictures were invisible.

And now, community (/money-making, etc.)! I am moving forward with the idea of making DotQ t-shirts available for you all to get through But first, several issues must be dealt with—colors, logo, back text, etc. Share your thoughts in this thread.

Finally, writings.
The Amazing Adventures of Flak come to DotQ’s main sections. Uh, grab it here.