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Jan 22The Changing of the Guard – Second Watch

Oops, I missed scheduling this! Thankfully I’m still up stupid late/stupid early, and can post it manually. Release notes include a diagram of the sectors and walls of the city, by popular request. After release notes comes the chapter itself. Read the chapter before the notes if you don’t want to know anything going in. I have plenty of room to go wild in the release notes, so for now I’ll just say ‘enjoy.’

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Dec 19Drawing Harvest 16, 12-19-08

I totally forgot to put this out on Wednesday, so you get some bonus drawings I did on Thursday!

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Dec 10Drawing Harvest 15, 12-10-08

I know I just changed the format for these two Harvests ago, but I think that this new way is even better for me. Posting takes less than a tenth the time, etc. Also, I’m numbering Drawing Harvests now.

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Dec 3Drawing Harvest 14, 12-03-08

I said I’d post this this Friday, but I didn’t finish Tundra of Heroes Chapter 14 in time as I spent yesterday on other creative pursuits. Enjoy some sketches.

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Nov 19Drawing Harvest 13, 11-19-08

I’m switching up the format of these a bit. Now, each image has a number, and the descriptions are not all crammed into a single ugly paragraph.

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Nov 10Drawing Harvest 12, 11-10-08

So I’ve been drawing a bit recently, thanks to getting my tablet working again. Haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like, or as well as I’d like, but here’s the latest harvest.

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