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Mar 11E143N: Flak goes where/there

A short exercise from a workshop class I’m in right now. This is the first draft; I don’t know if I’ll ever work further on it. We had to write about an event from our past in scene, and then in reflection. I chose the first time I ever went to Young Anime Otaku, Inc. (The CPS anime club.) This is also the genesis story for my friendship with DotQ member GheoFabulousDuk.

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Jan 17Professor, Professor

I have four of them this semester as of this posting. I hope to have half that many soon, but that depends on the fates (read: Letters & Science advising and policy). Let me tell you a few things about them.

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Aug 11Low-DotQ Summer

So, back in early May, I said I’d make great use of this summer. I’d “get stuff done,” have a “schedule.” Like all such promises, it fell through. So DotQ has languished. And it will probably continue to do so, especially since my probably-super-busy fall semester is practically upon me. But, I have two more… positive things to say.

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Feb 9Crowbars, ice picks, it’s all the same

No Night Switch today. I’m busy analyzing “the ice pick is not in her hand; it is her hand.”

Dec 31Looking Back on 2010

As the saying goes, it has been one hell of a year for me. A lot has happened… here’s a timeline. It should be noted that I apologize—primarily to myself—for not managing one of these last year, when it would have been much more exuberant. This year wasn’t particularly great for me outside of school. :P

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Dec 17Four Months of the Harker Regime

I finished my fourth semester at Cal today. It was a bizarre semester. A lot of weird things happened, or were happening. I maintained an emo blog, which was good for me. I got too close to the sun and I burned myself, which was also probably good for me. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and got farther than I did last year. I lived with my brother and some friends of his, which was educational if not always pleasant. I mostly kept to myself, to my coding, to my work, to my anime, to my writing, to my room.

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