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Jan 15New Hunter Chronicles Content

Maybe I’m doing this today to celebrate Lovely Kitsune’s birthday? Or maybe that’s just whimsy :P

Either way, there’s more HC stuff online. No new chapters (still editing 19, and it’s being a big jerk, too) but we have world description and lore stuffs. This might not be new material to some of you; the only major edits are some grammar correction and a systemmatic replacement of “mages” with “magi.”

Hunter_Chronicles: Overview of the World
Hunter_Chronicles: Compiled Lore, Abridged

In other news, I’m most likely going to be starting up an HC-based RPG on the forums sometime soon. I have a thread up with the four premises I’m considering using, and have opened the floor for discussion. I want to see which idea people want to see before I give more info on the particular RPG, but one thing I know is that if you like the idea of participating, you should probably read the material linked to above (world and lore.) If you want a quick link to the thread, here you go:

Forum: News_and_Announcements: Giving it another shot… INTEREST CHECK