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Oct 13Daemonica: Batter Up!

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Sign-ups for Daemonica: The Summoning are up! This is my first RPG done on a forum, and I’m looking forward to it. I’d love to see what you guys think of my idea. I hope you all check it out and give me some comments on it at least.

Check it out here!

Oct 2Shinobi Descent RPG started

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Also, the other features page has been updated.

Feb 10Huge Update

This is possibly the largest collection of new… stuff… I’ve put up on the site in one go in a long time. First and foremost, we are commencing a new For the Pen story arc! Though the main story (v2) is complete, For the Pen: Recollections continues, now with this:

For the Pen: Recollections – The Biography, Part 1

This is not a one-shot like Suigeki’s insight; this will be an ongoing thing for quite some time. I came up with some (in my estimation) awesome ideas over the last few days, so be prepared! I hope you enjoy the first installment!

Next order of business, The Purge has started. Click the link for background info and a list of playing characters. All of you participating… get your butts in the forum and start roleplaying! I don’t think anything else needs to be said, but just in case, I’ll throw in a link here:

Forum: The_Woodlands: The Purge

Last but most certainly not least, you might have noticed a new tab at the bottom of my site. Yes, HL Proj (AKA the High Libran Project) is officially up. No longer is it based in static PHP files and an e-mail based submission process. It is now set up in a wiki. Anyone who registers at can add words to the language.

HL_Proj Um, yeah. HL_Proj died.

More info is available at the above link. If you don’t know what High Libran is, you should probably concern yourself with getting some background info on the Hunter Chronicles before trying to contribute to the project. Note that both The Purge and HL Proj have been added to the Other Features list. Also recently updated is the Projects page, with new info on my status and goals.

Well, this update was more than a couple days in the making. I hope there’s enough new stuff to keep you all amused for a while, because no one knows when I’ll next add content/features. Cheers!

Feb 6The Purge Commences Tuesday

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Today is the last day to get those sign-ups in! This includes additions and tweaks. I will commence the RPG tomorrow after school (around 4 PM Pacific Time) so please, please get your character completed before then. Or at least, don’t get upset with me if you don’t manage and I exclude you. You’ve had a lot of time.

EDIT: I think everyone is in? Ok, updating list:

Currently signed up (and accepted):

  • KingCrazyGenius playing GARLAND
  • Aluur Valuer playing DRAER DEMOL
  • MoronsonofBoron playing YWA SOHIETSK
  • Alarivana playing VRITYN THEROS
  • GheoFabulousDuk playing TSAN
  • Karamzov playing ZVAREVID KARTANOS
  • DasTutMirLeid playing MSTISLAV
  • Kefka playing IRACUNDUS

I’ll still be starting the RPG tomorrow after school. For now, if you’re on that list, confirm whether you’re playing or not in the thread and pick your color (see thread for details on color picking.)

That’s it for now. Cheers!

Feb 2The Purge Sign-ups Progress

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So far, four people have signed up, they are:

– Kingcrazygenius
– DasTutMirLeid
– Kefka
– Karamzov

I believe I’m still waiting on some people before I start the RPG. If you’re planning on joining, please hurry it up. I’ll close sign ups at the end of this coming weekend. Oh, and Kefka- I need your character’s history.

Jan 23The Purge Sign-ups Open

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After getting some responses and considering it myself a great deal, I decided to make my HC-based RPG sign-ups open. The RPG selected was The Purge, so you’ll all be playing as outlaw Guardian Magi trying to escape death. Well, those of you who want to play, sign up, and get approved.

Forum: The Woodlands: The Purge-Sign-ups