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Jan 12Savage War Sign-ups Open

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Savage War RPG sign-ups are open as of today. They’ll be open until I decide to close them. Join in for some good Wild West and zombie fun!

May 30State of DotQ, 5/30/07

First off, forums! Of most noteworthy win is Kefka’s return. Besides that, within the last week both Cheeks’s RPG and Nate_dawg’s RPG started. Also, we got close to 200 posts in about 10 days, saving May from being a terribly inactive month. Oh, and we have a new member! Says he’s a friend of Black Shard’s, or something.

Next, art! TheNewHorde promised us the pictures, but the pictures were invisible.

And now, community (/money-making, etc.)! I am moving forward with the idea of making DotQ t-shirts available for you all to get through But first, several issues must be dealt with—colors, logo, back text, etc. Share your thoughts in this thread.

Finally, writings.
The Amazing Adventures of Flak come to DotQ’s main sections. Uh, grab it here.

Apr 15Lack of Update – Sunday 4-15-07

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Due to various circumstances, there won’t be an update today.

Instead, check out the various RPG offerings on the forms.

Mar 23Where I am in Writing

Well here I am, home, sick, not really feeling up to much. But I’ve been listening to some of the gentler music I have and it makes me think of The Last Season. Thinking of The Last Season gets me thinking about Tundra of Heroes, and sooner or later, I’m doing quality brainstorming—all the while not writing anything down for my lack of health.

So what’s this? Some sort of general update on where I stand with writing. See the last bit of the post if all you care about is the Hunter Chronicles.

The Last Season: this is, as I stress again and again, an experiment. I say that and all, but really, I should like to finish it someday. Back when I was entirely serious about it, in April 2005, it was subtitled “Project 2005/” in my RTF. 2006 has already come and gone, and the plot has not progressed past the point at which it was in mid-2005: 2/5 done. There has been one heavy revision and a lot of stalling in between; whether or not more progress will be made this year is uncertain. One thing that is for sure is that the weakest part of the story as it stands right now is the diction, plain and simple. You all can expect another heavy revision some time this season—i.e. before late June. That much I guarantee.

Tundra of Heroes: another experiment, or so I declared it after realizing that only two characters out of five or so, all key to the plot, were more than 2D, and that I’d managed to kill off one of those two, reducing the number of real characters to … ONE?! I can’t write a story of ToH’s nature with that. So I named it an experiment, tried to flesh out Kihara’s character, and brought the dead man back to life—and then didn’t write anything for nine months. What I need to do for this, is I need to plot out a story, figure out what the characters do where, and drop this pretense of being able to make stuff up on the spot. I spew out HC almost every week, but that’s a story I’ve been thinking on for 7+ years. I figure I just need to take a deep breath and go back to ToH with more reasonable goals for myself. Possibly write a big chunk and then post it at once, or over time, or whatever, but not in short installments as I write.

For the Pen: can anyone say dead, lol? Recollections, that is. I finished v2 and am happy with it for the most part, though a certain someone keeps telling me it sucked… I’m not going to rewrite For the Pen. It’s not worth my time. My creative efforts are better spent on my host of other projects. Should I ever wish to write more For the Pen, Recollections is there, The Biography practically begging me to give it more story. Yeah. I’m really, really not worried about this project. It’s near the back of my mind, to be honest.

Drawing My Heart: did I say I was going to do character work on this? … yeah? Well, I am going to. You know, some time in the future. /me waves arm (You know, after Alar and I talk some more. Mmhm.)

Hunter Chronicles: here’s the big whammie: I’m stopping releases for a while. That doesn’t mean I’m not working on it, in fact, quite the contrary: the lack of a release schedule will give me the peace of mind I need to finish Part 2. In the meantime, I’m going to be working on doing some mini-junks related to HC (like maybe an HC comedy 4koma, or something) to keep interest. And I’ll still post SOMETHING every Sunday, so keep checking back. That SOMETHING may be art, it may be “hey look at how my training is going,” it may be “Kyoto Animation is god,” it may be “no update this week,” or it may even be an update concerning one of the aforementioned projects.

OH!! AND!!

KCG is running a new RPG. I thought it was a joke at first, but… well, I guess he’s serious…ly joking.
Check it out.

Oct 27Two Mana Sketches, One RPG Character, State of the Woodlands

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First order of business, as promised, here’s that Mana sketch. Oh, and another one for good luck. The second one is full of spoilers. Yum.

Mana II – Come with me
Mana II – Terror

One thing you’ll notice if you navigate to the above linked pages is that I’ve begun integration between the HC art and the HC wiki. I might go through and do this with all 38 images in the gallery, I might not. It makes for easy referencing from the art pages, and seems a nice subtle way of guiding my readers to the wiki ;)

Next order of business. I have signed up for Sumiyoshi’s newest Pokemon RPG, and that signup can be found here. Chip Sirron is not so great a character as Harry Locke, but then, I doubt I’ll ever create a character so well written as Locke.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to investigate the activity of our beloved “Woodlands”, the RPG section of the Dreams of the Quill Forums. It’s been rather active of late, almost too active- I for one do not find time in my schedule to pay equal attention to all the goings on there. I find this a welcome sign, a sign that we did our duty in upholding the community of the war3forums RPG section. Three cheers to them Old Guard!

RPGs Ongoing
Second Exodus [Jamesui]
The Darkness Comes… [KingCrazyGenius]
Dark Existence [Open RPG – Saurus]

Sign-ups Open
Daemonica: The Summoning [Alar]
Evolution’s End [Sumiyoshi]
Tomb Raiders [MoronsonofBoron]

Oct 13Three Sketches

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Gem – Other Clothes
Reconstructing Julien Tryn
Tsukimiya Ayu – Kawaii Hane~!

One HC drawing, one sketchity sketch sketch, and one sketchity fanart. Enjoy! And check out Alar’s RPG!