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Dec 26State of DotQ, 12/26/08

Stuff’s happening.

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Oct 27Two Mana Sketches, One RPG Character, State of the Woodlands

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First order of business, as promised, here’s that Mana sketch. Oh, and another one for good luck. The second one is full of spoilers. Yum.

Mana II – Come with me
Mana II – Terror

One thing you’ll notice if you navigate to the above linked pages is that I’ve begun integration between the HC art and the HC wiki. I might go through and do this with all 38 images in the gallery, I might not. It makes for easy referencing from the art pages, and seems a nice subtle way of guiding my readers to the wiki ;)

Next order of business. I have signed up for Sumiyoshi’s newest Pokemon RPG, and that signup can be found here. Chip Sirron is not so great a character as Harry Locke, but then, I doubt I’ll ever create a character so well written as Locke.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to investigate the activity of our beloved “Woodlands”, the RPG section of the Dreams of the Quill Forums. It’s been rather active of late, almost too active- I for one do not find time in my schedule to pay equal attention to all the goings on there. I find this a welcome sign, a sign that we did our duty in upholding the community of the war3forums RPG section. Three cheers to them Old Guard!

RPGs Ongoing
Second Exodus [Jamesui]
The Darkness Comes… [KingCrazyGenius]
Dark Existence [Open RPG – Saurus]

Sign-ups Open
Daemonica: The Summoning [Alar]
Evolution’s End [Sumiyoshi]
Tomb Raiders [MoronsonofBoron]

Oct 62 Sketches, 1 RPG Character, Verga Dissonance 0.1.6

Well, I’m here at home on a school day with a pretty bad cold (but not much of a horrible sickness), having slept for fourteen hours and not recovered. No longer sleepy, I’m occupying myself by putting content up.

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve done several drawings of Mana II, son of Lanto. I guess this is part of the process of “rebuilding” his character- solidifying, reconstructing, cementing, whatever have you. I’m not quite there yet. But at least the art’s getting better. Here are two of the aforementioned sketches that turned out the best.

Mana II – Fire Blade
Mana II – Eyes

Next order of business, I recently signed up for James’s new RPG, Second Exodus. It’s being held on the war3forums, so not everyone here will have an account there, but I think I can still advise my readers to sign up. A lot of you came over from those forums, anyway. My character, a down-on-his-luck writer named Harry Locke, is up in the RPG Character Archive.

Also today I have redone the RPG Character Archive. It no longer uses an ugly pile of links and an iframe, but rather a simple PHP program and a pretty CSS-ified list of names. With pop-up RPG titles!

Finally, I… finally… got around to completing version 0.1.6 of my single-player RPG, Verga Dissonance.
Info: read the forum post announcing the release
Download: grab it from the War3 Interface

Jul 25Announcing a Contest, and new RPG Character

First off, today marks the first half day of 10.5 days given to anyone who wishes to submit an entry in the second ever DotQ contest! It’s sorta like an art contest, I guess, but that description doesn’t do it justice and I’m not going to rehash everything, so just check the thread on the forums:

Dreams of the Quill Contest 2: Chibi Keychain Characters

And remember, guys and gals- there’s a pretty nifty prize waiting for the best chibi artist :D

Next off, I feel the need to do more shamless self-plugging (this IS my site, after all) and therefore I’m going to mention the fact that today, a new character was added to my RPG Character Archive. His name is Charles Hannaford, and I wrote him up for KingCrazyGenius’s The Darkness Comes RPG sign-ups.

You can find him in that thread if you look hard enough, or you can just click here:
Charles Hannaford

You can, of course, always find him on the RPG Character Archive page, but I felt a direct link would be more appropriate ;)

Sep 21Hageshiikaze Bakufuu

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In honor of my most recent RPG sign up, here’s a sketch of Hageshiikaze Bakufuu. You can also read the character sheet

Jul 26RPG Character Archive

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A list of all the character sheets I’ve written for online RPGs has been added to the site. … the sheets have also been added.

Flak’s RPG Character Archive

Sorry guys! The RPG character archive is no more.