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Dec 17Four Months of the Harker Regime

I finished my fourth semester at Cal today. It was a bizarre semester. A lot of weird things happened, or were happening. I maintained an emo blog, which was good for me. I got too close to the sun and I burned myself, which was also probably good for me. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and got farther than I did last year. I lived with my brother and some friends of his, which was educational if not always pleasant. I mostly kept to myself, to my coding, to my work, to my anime, to my writing, to my room.

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Sep 21Plato’s Failmacy

Hurray for post titles full of spluttering invective! For Rhetoric 103A this week we were asked to read Derrida’s “Plato’s Pharmacy,” summarize his argument in 150 words or fewer, and articulate one question we had about the text. Ever being a failure at following directions, I articulated not one question but six, at least one of which was characteristically inappropriate.

After e-mailing these off to my poor GSI, I decided I’d share them with the world, if only to show KingCrazyGenius that the Judeo-Christian Bible is not the only thing against which I enjoy railing.

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