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Dec 12E98: Legend’s Day Off, Draft 3

Second revision of my short story for my short story workshop. This version won’t be workshopped; it’s the ‘final draft’ as far as the class is concerned. It clocks in just under 8000 words. I hope it’s alright—I added a lot of new scenes that I’m not entirely confident about. You be the judge.

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Oct 26E98: Legend’s Day Off, Draft 2

Revision of last month’s short story.

It’s substantially longer now, and more polished. Unnecessary details have been omitted and necessary details have been added. Again, things have changed since the writing of the Crystals of Mana. In this draft, I have taken out all references to Guardian Lord/Heir/Throne; there is merely a Lord Tryn who rules Tryn (what was once a province of Libra and is now what Libra was). Mana is explicitly named in this draft, but his name has been changed to Mantha.

This draft is going to a second workshop round next Monday (November 2nd).

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