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Nov 25Farewell to Gauntlet v0.2

Hi guys. I mentioned over a week ago that today would be the release date for a text-only version of my first ‘visual novel’ type project. At the time, I said I was about 1/5 through with the text for the game, and that I would have the entire script written up by today.

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Nov 15Schedule Rearrangement

As you might have noticed if you are the kind of person who looks at these kinds of things, the “Upcoming Releases” section of the sidebar has been altered fairly significantly. Most alteredly, I’m pushing back the next Tundra of Heroes release by one week (from the end of November to the my half-birthday). Then, there are two new items: one is due in a few days, the first The Amazing Adventures of Flak comic. The second is something completely new for this site: a visual novel!

Details on the forthcoming releases after the jump.

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