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Oct 20Night Switch 07.06

I’ll take / A quiet life

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Oct 6Night Switch 06.13

Do I look like a mind reader / Sir, I’onno

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Aug 7Night Switch 04.05

Thanks to Alar and spambot, you get an extra chapter this week.
Also, some notes on tagging:
– I have gotten rid of “joe chapter,” “jason chapter,” and “marin chapter”
– Instead, I tag installments by characters who appear in the installment
– Rather than tag an installment “inside jokes” I now tag it by the work/joke being referred to

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Mar 20Night Switch 02.08

This one’s for you, JTFish.

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Feb 10The Amazing Adventures of Flak Comic 02

Categories: Art
Tags: tile tile tile
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Here’s the second ever Amazing Adventure of Flak comic, illustrating the second canon Amazing Adventure of Flak.

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Nov 18The Amazing Adventures of Flak Comic 01

So this is something completely new… a comic. Or something like that.

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