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Dec 3Random Comics by Saurus Updated

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Remember these? Well, you probably don’t remember all of them. Because I only just now added a bunch to the page, doubling the number of comics posted. Huge thanks to Saurus for providing the site with self-aware, self-satirizing comic relief! Anyway, that is all for now. But DotQ is on the upswing, and there will be more—of something—soon.

Apr 25DotQ v7 is here!

Hey everyone. I’m going to keep this brief. There’s a new theme on the block. Its name is Az, and it wants you to explore it. Lots of things are better-organized or better-presented than before. Single-post views blot out the background and sidebars a bit so that the content comes forward. As always, feel free to give feedback. Does it look funky? bad? great? Could this use work, or could that? I’m open to your critiques. This is the fruit of a lot of labor, so I don’t want it to be mediocre.

For now, though, all I’ll say is this…
– Appropriate changes for the forums & wiki are going to come, but not immediately.
– There may be one or more easter eggs in the new theme.
– Sorry for not getting CotG 8 out on time. I was sick. It’s en route.

Jan 8The Changing of the Guard – First Watch

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Conceived in July, this story comes to you less than half-formed. I am still unsure of its ultimate direction, though I have some hopes and dreams for it. It’s not-quite-fantasy, like Tundra of Heroes. It’s also kind of … well, I can’t say too much. But it is, or will be, a (hopefully intriguing) mix of politics, adventure, romance, and atmosphere. Currently I have some six or seven installments written. I’ll be releasing them every two weeks, as stated in my last post. I don’t have much to say, for fear of doing too much priming. Please respond, critique, etc.. I look forward to discussing with you :) (Future updates will have release notes.)

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Jan 2Early 2012 DotQ Plans

Happy New Year, Dreams of the Quill. We’re headed toward the end of the Mayan calendar, the most important implication of which is that Night Switch will either come true within four months or be proved fiction. Oh, Night Switch. The good old days. Swift & sloppy writings three days a week, sticking to a schedule even if it meant churning out chaff. But I gave the fans what they wanted. I have no regrets.

Except for this: that I have not been writing nearly enough since Night Switch petered out. And for this: that what I have been writing, I have not been posting.

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Aug 11Low-DotQ Summer

So, back in early May, I said I’d make great use of this summer. I’d “get stuff done,” have a “schedule.” Like all such promises, it fell through. So DotQ has languished. And it will probably continue to do so, especially since my probably-super-busy fall semester is practically upon me. But, I have two more… positive things to say.

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May 9Summer Is Here (Again)

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Just finished the spring semester. I need a break. So I’m going to take one. For one week.

Next Monday, I begin creating my schedule. I want to get stuff done this summer, to actually produce something. I mean, I guess I did the Tundra of Heroes website last year, which was cool, but I can do so much more. I don’t yet know how I’m going to be using my time yet, or on what I’ll be working, but I’ll keep DotQ posted. Expect some melange of failed attempts at funny cartoons, over-ambitious game development projects, and both long- and short-form writing.