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Sep 4Treekin, the Kagonesti Elf

Wild Elf plant4

Hey, let’s post a three-quarter full body image of a fantasy character! Haven’t done that in a while!

Seriously though, I should come up with a more creative way to fully illustrate a roleplay character. Problem was, I couldn’t think of a more interesting pose that still clearly showed his arms and legs. I could have him crouch or something, but I wanted to stay away from animalistic poses. I dunno, maybe i should just draw a non-roleplay character for a change.

Anyways, this is Treekin, who’ll be replacing Pax in our ongoing D&D game (Dragonlance setting). Our previous party fell apart after deaths, insanities and dominations, so we all rolled new level 3 characters. Mayhap I’ll try my hands at a group shot later on. Our new party is insanely melee oriented. We have two fighters, a cleric, a monk and an illusionist/support mage. We have tons of damage output, little to no crowd control and only very basic range support. It’ll be a blast!