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Apr 16Clerk of the Night – Origins

Entry #3 in the second Dreams of the Quill Writing Challenge. Bridging the gap between The Amazing Adventures of Flak and Night Switch.

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Jan 14Night Switch 08.07

Night Switch Chapter 8, finale. Night Switch 09 begins next Monday.

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Jan 5Night Switch 08.04

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On schedule. Seriously.

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Jan 3Night Switch 08.03

Back in New York, wWhile Kris gathers crowbars and Jason accedes to LAW3 and Dax’s demands to shut down the internet in California, while Marin slowly makes her way toward Florida on the Seaking, back in New York, Joe… sleeps. [edited 1.4.10]

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Jan 18Night Switch Stage 02.01

Oh how the desk jobs dull the senses. Especially of time.

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Aug 4Night Switch 07.16

Sam’s an Enigma.

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