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May 6Lyrical, Magical: End of an Era

In 2005, after the End of an Era live DVD was created, Nightwish rid itself of lead vocalist Tarja Turunen by means of a cruel open letter. In late June 2012, a trio of newly-contracted magical girls defeated the witch produced by Tarja’s despair. What? June 2012 is next month? Not in my ‘magical girl’ Pathfinder campaign! We have gotten about six sessions in since January. The player characters have learned some valuable lessons about teamwork and the intrinsic danger in combatting supernatural threats with magic, and are well on their way to becoming champions of justice.

Just kidding about that last part—they’re still total noobs. But the adventures, I think, have been fun so far, if only for me as the GM. And I’ve been learning. I made some revisions to my contractor base class in accordance with some things I’d noticed during play. I have a lot more tweaking to do, I’m sure, as we’ve only seen one level of contractor powers brought to bear on my hapless monsters, but that’ll come in due time. For now, I’ve nerfed the regeneration provided by the Alien Pact; I’ve decreased maximum charging times for the beam; I’ve clarified proficiencies. I also expanded and improved the spell list and gave the class orisons, but those won’t affect anything until 4th level (give it a few months).

The campaign has thus far proved not only to be a fun experience but also a useful one, allowing me to refine both the new class and my GMing technique. A few poor souls might suffer along the way, but it is all for the greater good. :)