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Dec 15TOH: Final Stretch

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So, I finished Tundra of Heroes, insofar as I finished writing a complete draft of the final chapters. Right now, it stands at 24 chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue, for a total of 66,854 words. The first half, roughly, is Part 1, Jeuni’s story. This is what’s available right now on The second half, then, is comprised of the intertwined Parts 2&3, Intra’s and Ynthon’s stories.

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Mar 27One Presidential Term…

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DotQ turns 4 today. Happy birthday!

Sep 27Announcing DotQ v5!

I started work on this redesign on Tuesday the 23rd, and am calling it done now.

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Jan 6Trial and Conviction – TOH Chapter 10

5000 words. I could have made this into two chapters and not had dead weekends… but eh, what happened, happened, as Jeuni discovers this chapter.

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Dec 31Happy New Year 2008

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happy new year

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Oct 5Clannad 01, Myself; Yourself 01

Neither of these shows gets screencaps for now because Clannad releases thus far have been lame 4:3 non-HD and Myself;Yourself looks like crap I’m lazy. Verdict: watching on both of them. Clannad’s got some cool aspects to it, though it’s severely lacking in emo. Myself;Yourself had an awesome slap in the first episode that got me hooked.

EDIT: 600th post! Woot!