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May 16The Unbearable Flak of Being

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E/n: Flak here. Just dug this up from archives predating the Great Deletion.

Once upon a time, though not so long ago, and actually so very recent that it may very well be happening at this very moment, there lived a young man named Flak. Flak was once asked to appear on an episode of Star Trek as a guest star, but arrived only to discover that the show had been cancelled for decades. He still scratches his head about it.

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Apr 16Occupy Flak Street

Entry #1 in the second Dreams of the Quill Writing Challenge.

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Mar 28Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Though I finished redesigning DotQ back in September, there were many organizational tweaks still to be performed. In October, I finished moving Tundra of Heroes and the Crystals of Mana to a new presentation style. In December, I began reformatting the art galleries.

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Jan 1Resolutions ’09

Following up on this post and continuing a tradition.

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Feb 10The Amazing Adventures of Flak Comic 02

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Here’s the second ever Amazing Adventure of Flak comic, illustrating the second canon Amazing Adventure of Flak.

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Nov 18The Amazing Adventures of Flak Comic 01

So this is something completely new… a comic. Or something like that.

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