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Sep 27Announcing DotQ v5!

I started work on this redesign on Tuesday the 23rd, and am calling it done now.

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Jan 6Trial and Conviction – TOH Chapter 10

5000 words. I could have made this into two chapters and not had dead weekends… but eh, what happened, happened, as Jeuni discovers this chapter.

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Dec 1My 2007 Take – Novembers

A bit of history for those not acquainted with my life story, and then we can get to the meat of this post:

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Aug 318/31/2007 – NEVAR FORGET

KigaMoosh deals 9999 damage.

August 2007 wins.

Today was our 10kGET. Most active forum month of all time, and epic milestone for the site as a whole. Also, the gold goes to Alar for the actual 10000th post.

WOO! Kegger at my place! Alar approves of this message! WOOOOO!!!

Jun 17HC – Gauntlet and the Broken Angel

So for a long time, the old GBA page had a note saying that it needed rewriting for both quality and content reasons. That rewrite has finally happened, and today the final product is live on this site. Um… I’m sleep-deprived, hungry, and tired right now, so I’m going to go eat something and then re-crash. No long, extensive notes or anything.

If you have any questions about this, ask them in comments I guess? Otherwise, enjoy!

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May 28This is relevant to Fanime 2007

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That write-up is still in the works.
In the meantime, have a video.
There’s the embedded YouTube video, a link to the YouTube video on YouTube, and then a download link for a version with 4 times the resolution, you know—for people who like reading.

[direct youtube link]
[direct download link]

And remember kids, I don’t farm bandwidth. Please don’t replicate the above DDL link on other sites.