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Feb 12Lyrical, Magical: The Contractor

Today, my ‘magical girl’ Pathfinder campaign, “Mazes & Misery,” begins. It’s set in our world, though much of it may occur in different dimensions. Using sources ranging from Nanoha to Madoka to Arjuna to Shana, I put together a base class for magical girl-type characters. I tried to incorporate some iconic powers, to make the class broad enough that it isn’t just magical girls, and to maintain some semblance of balance. Whether I accomplished any of this is yet to be seen. Mazes & Misery is basically going to be one long playtest of the class.

New Base Class: The Contractor

I’ll be updating here periodically about the class, its extensions (contracts and archetypes), and the campaign in which it’s being tested.

Sep 29Night Switch 06.11

“Open… saddlesoap? Open… sasquatch?”

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Aug 22Night Switch 06.01

I totally forgot, when writing 05.01, that Jason was holding his Macbook Air the whole time. This wasn’t a problem, but I am very glad I remembered it for this installment.

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Aug 18Night Switch 05.01

The monkey is under the table.

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Apr 10Night Switch 03.04

And so begins the hunt for the Jewel Seeds.

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