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Oct 9October Anime, Week Two

I’m dropping Sketchbook and Bamboo Blade. They’re just not worth my time.
So now I’m at a list of four shows that I’m watching and two that I want to check out (Genshiken, Shana II). I’m dropping Jikan from the “check out” list for obvious reasons; in addition, it’s an awesome tactic to upset Alar! But actually, I’m just unhappy waiting for episode 1 because I can’t figure out whether or not there’s actually an OVA (if there is, why is it undocumented? if there isn’t, what is it that I saw?!), how many episodes said OVA is, and what connection if any it has to the show (is there even going to be a show? CMs can’t be trusted anymore, what with Kyoto Animation’s Lucky*Star BS).

Jul 31Get ready for MINORUCALYPSE

May 28Fanime 2007 was amazing

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I don’t really have the energy to do a writeup right now (there is one coming… probably). Long story short, I’m home, safe, happy, and exhausted. My brother Jacob broke 100 hours of uptime at the convention; while I’m not nearly as hardcore as he, I slept only about eight hours throughout the thing. Um… I’ll get back to ye forums soon (though I’m way too tired to RP right now, that’ll have to wait for tomorrow).

Oh, and the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi is dead.

Dec 22ASOS-dan is in ur myspace, tsunderin’ its harbl

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You know what I think of Kadokawa Pictures USA using myspace to spread Haruhiism across North America?

I could tell you what I think, but I have this feeling that you already know.