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Feb 3Night Switch Reviewed – 2.5/5

This morning I received an e-mail from Chris Poirier of the Web Fiction Guide, informing me that he had posted a review of Night Switch and that I should check it out.

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Mar 14Busy Emo Week!

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No Night Switch today. No update this Sunday. Hopefully I’ll have overcome all my school-related business by Monday and can get back to writing stuff. As for emo thingies… well, they won’t go away too soon, but they won’t be such a problem if I’ve got time to be writing. Time to write = less emo. No time to write = more emo. Emo + more emo = super emo. Super emo => no motivation to write. It’s a terrible downward spiral of piercing nothing.

Mar 13Exodus 23-26, 32 – All My Friends

Due to schedule clutter, this is appearing a full two and a half days after its cross-posting in other places (namely, my class site).

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Dec 1My 2007 Take – Novembers

A bit of history for those not acquainted with my life story, and then we can get to the meat of this post:

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Nov 16Clannad 07

dango, dango, dango, dango
dango daikazoku

It’s like the remuneration of the powerful contractor amongst humans that is Clannad amongst other shows. I could take this further, but I won’t.

Oct 9October Anime, Week Two

I’m dropping Sketchbook and Bamboo Blade. They’re just not worth my time.
So now I’m at a list of four shows that I’m watching and two that I want to check out (Genshiken, Shana II). I’m dropping Jikan from the “check out” list for obvious reasons; in addition, it’s an awesome tactic to upset Alar! But actually, I’m just unhappy waiting for episode 1 because I can’t figure out whether or not there’s actually an OVA (if there is, why is it undocumented? if there isn’t, what is it that I saw?!), how many episodes said OVA is, and what connection if any it has to the show (is there even going to be a show? CMs can’t be trusted anymore, what with Kyoto Animation’s Lucky*Star BS).