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Aug 31Situation Update, Sunday 8/31/08

Hey there. It’s been a long time since the last Sunday Update.

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Aug 22Back from Mexico, Part 2

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So here are, as promised, pictures.
Mexico 2007

They’re not very large, but I do intend to apply some filters to some of the more nature-y ones and create a few desktops. Which will then of course appear in a corresponding ‘desktops’ directory on They’ll be in the style of my Tahoe desktops. This may happen today, or later this week. I don’t know yet.

EDIT: uh, the new wallpapers are up. And damn, Mexico wasn’t as pretty as Tahoe. While I was there, I could sort of tell myself it was really nice, and that the sky and land were nice to look at, but now… comparing the photos, it’s really obvious that Mexico fails. Ah well…

Nov 285 good songs update, sweet filters, 5 centimeters per second

So, first off, that 5 good songs site I was working on is more or less done. It’s very not done, but that’s mainly because it’s a retarded runt of a site and there’s simply nothing more to do. Oh, and I decided upon a URL for it! This one’s kind of better than /music.

New URL:

Next, I encountered an awesome tutorial on the Wesnoth forums, linked in this thread. Thanks, West. I owe ya for this one. Here’re a couple of the images processed according to the tutorial:


I’m using a photo of snowy trees, edited in this manner, as the new background of a silly little thing I made.

Finally, as the main reason I’m watching Kanon 2006 is its animation quality, I simply can’t overlook something as exquisite-seeming as Byousoku 5 Centimeter. The new teaser’s been subbed and released on Animesuki, I demand that you grab it and worship it.