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Feb 26Legend of the Five Rings: Kuni Yoshi

Kuni Yoshi

Okay, so, more than a year since my last contribution to the main page. As it so happens, this is exactly how long it took before I got around making another drawing. This is a drawing of yet another RPG character (my only incentive for doing art anymore, it seems) in the ‘Legend of the Five Rings’ setting. Not much to say about this particular piece. It’s been a year, so I needed to do some freshing up. I actually blanked at the first brush stroke, unable to figure out what I was supposed to do. Nothing a few Youtube tutorials couldn’t fix, but it was an awkward start. It’s just a character portrait, so background and pose aren’t all that exciting. In hindsight I didn’t give the background fan the attention it was due, but I know I’ll never get around fixing it up properly. Most of it is painted in one layer, baring the background and the finer details later on when I got scared I’d screw up my hard work. All Photoshop CS6.