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Feb 12Lyrical, Magical: The Contractor

Today, my ‘magical girl’ Pathfinder campaign, “Mazes & Misery,” begins. It’s set in our world, though much of it may occur in different dimensions. Using sources ranging from Nanoha to Madoka to Arjuna to Shana, I put together a base class for magical girl-type characters. I tried to incorporate some iconic powers, to make the class broad enough that it isn’t just magical girls, and to maintain some semblance of balance. Whether I accomplished any of this is yet to be seen. Mazes & Misery is basically going to be one long playtest of the class.

New Base Class: The Contractor

I’ll be updating here periodically about the class, its extensions (contracts and archetypes), and the campaign in which it’s being tested.

Feb 16Night Switch 09.10

It’s not that I’ve run out of ideas. Nor that I’ve run out of time. I’ve just been making very bad decisions about how to spend my time recently, and I’ve also been fairly low-energy (the weather? maybe I’m under it?). Night Switch can and should still go strong. Sorry for the delays.

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Feb 7Night Switch 09.09

Yeah, he went there.

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Mar 3Night Switch 02.02

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Nov 16Clannad 07

dango, dango, dango, dango
dango daikazoku

It’s like the remuneration of the powerful contractor amongst humans that is Clannad amongst other shows. I could take this further, but I won’t.