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Jun 27One Week Break in TOH

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Hey guys. Sorry about this, but I can’t deliver a chapter tomorrow.

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Dec 31Looking Back on 2008

It has been one hell of a year for me. A lot has happened… here’s a timeline.

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Apr 29A Busy Week – Sunday 4-29-07

I posted some art. I got my new computer. I witnessed how amazing it is. I wrote something emo. I made my first youtube video. I started working on my first AMV. April took the title for month with most forum activity.

Apr 26The Power of the Southwest

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Upper left: Loveless episode 1 in Niceplayer
Upper right: Genshiken episode 13 in mplayer OS X
Lower left: Chrno Crusade episode 1 in Quicktime
Lower right: Maria-sama ga Miteru 3rd Series episode 3 in VLC
Background: iTunes playing w/ visualizer

So basically, the Southwest is a hub of cacophony as I’m making this post. But it’s simply amazing… what this computer can do. I’m soooooo happy. :)

Apr 25The Southwest! is not enough!

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Except that it really, really is.

the southwest

The Southwest, successor to The Ducky, is here.