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Dec 22Explorations

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Behold! My first artistic contribution to the site! Well, at least I think it is, if it’s working properly. It took me some time to figure out how to upload stuff in the first place, but that’s what the drawing is all about anyways. It’s called Explorations, in honour of it being my first drawing here at DotQ, and I’m still trying to figure out how everything works. If it does work, enjoy! More will come eventually, once I get back in the hang of drawing, and get more familiar with the controls of this place.



Two main-site posts in one day? I’m an idiot for doing this (when I could hold for next Sunday and pretend to be punctual), but I feel the need to show you all some of what I’ve spent this weekend doing. Also, no, I didn’t buy a tablet. I just felt an irrepressible urge to refer to a certain song.

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Jan 304 Sketches, 1 Coloring, and a nice catch!

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I have 4 sketches for you today. Two of the Joker, one (extremely sketchy one) of the Thief, and one of who knows what. Then I’ve got a the completed coloring of that one sketch of the Joker and the Thief. Finally, I caught four instances of “his/he/etc.” used in place of “its/it/etc.” in reference to Ji’Lopan in narration. This is not good; Ji’Lopan is not a he. The demon. It. Gem calls Ji’Lopan “he” because they have gotten to know eachother, and Gem’s view of Lopan as something more than “just some demon” is no doubt a major factor in the demon’s acquisition of some human values. Regardless, the demon remains a demon. The grandchildren of Chaos are not the same as the descendants of Mana.

The Joker – First Design
The Joker – On a Log Outside Mist
The Thief – First Design
An HC Chimaera

The Joker and the Thief – By the Shores of Lake Vise [Color]