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Sep 21Plato’s Failmacy

Hurray for post titles full of spluttering invective! For Rhetoric 103A this week we were asked to read Derrida’s “Plato’s Pharmacy,” summarize his argument in 150 words or fewer, and articulate one question we had about the text. Ever being a failure at following directions, I articulated not one question but six, at least one of which was characteristically inappropriate.

After e-mailing these off to my poor GSI, I decided I’d share them with the world, if only to show KingCrazyGenius that the Judeo-Christian Bible is not the only thing against which I enjoy railing.

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Aug 19King, Rhetorician, & Troll – 1

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These well-loved figures always irked me with their trollish ways.

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Mar 6Responses to Lies and Love, Part 1

Responses to responses to my recent ramblings.

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Feb 10Lies and Love, Part 1

Some ramblings inspired by my recent scholastic activities.

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Oct 20Night Switch 07.06

I’ll take / A quiet life

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Apr 211Samuel 21-25 – Fluctuations

It’s been something like a month since we had blogging homework.

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