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Jan 29Site changes, what it all means

Hey guys. I’m tired. I’ll try to keep this short, mainly because I want to go to bed. What? Homework? Well, shit. Click the more link to find out about something more important than Flak’s homework.

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Jan 28Forum Maintenance cont.

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Rest assured that forum maintenance is still under way. Flak has made a lot of progress this weekend, and it looks like everything should be up sometime this week. Hang in there!

Jan 24Forum Maintenance

Technically, the old forums are still functioning perfectly. But I’ve already transferred the entirety of our posts over to new software, and any more posts made on the old forums right now would be lost when I get the new ones full working. So yeah, forums are in Maintenance Mode with no viewing/posting at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have the newer forums soon. I’ll discuss this more in the morning; I’m dead tired and need sleep.