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Oct 12New Phone with AT&T – I feel like a criminal

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This is kind of in the school category because it’s cross-posted from my AP Government class’s forums. Don’t enjoy:

I was in an AT&T store just now.

Did I mention that it was an AT&T store?
My mom got me a new phone because she needed to upgrade her service with AT&T in order to replace my brother D’s phone (which he lost at his last chess tournament—he’s a one in two thousand genius!). Anyway, I had to go to the AT&T store with her to pick it up just now.

The first thing I tried doing was, I tried connecting to AIM. In the AT&T store, on their network. And did it work? No, not really. “Connection error”—I pointed this out to the AT&T salesman, and he was like, “yeah you can’t use that feature.” So I asked if there’s any way to remove it from my phone, at least on the gui level, and he replied that, “no, it’s a phone feature.”

Not much of a feature if you ask me (dead applications! woooo) but whatever. I can accept that.

Then I’m asking about what I can do with it.
Make calls, apparently. I don’t know why I would want to do that. Not like I have any friends or anything. So I asked the AT&T salesman if I can use the built-in camera, or if I need to buy that service, too. His response?

“Oh yes, you can use the camera, it’s a phone feature. You can use all the phone features.” (I have italicized parts of this dialogue for emphasis.)

“But what about AIM?” I asked him. He didn’t respond immediately, and then digressed and talked about the music-playing feature of the phone. Apparently, I can use the thing to listen to an FM radio or to music from a library (if I have a 2 gigabyte memory card, he said, as if he didn’t know whether or not I do—when I asked, he grudgingly admitted that my phone only has 28 megabytes in it… that’s something like two high-quality, full-length songs) but I need a headset for that. And no, the phone has no headphone jack. I asked if there was no way to listen to music on the thing without capitulating thirty dollars, and the man grinned and shook his head.

So I turned to my mom and asked her if she figured the government would pay for the special AT&T headset.

Thirty dollars seems small change in return for my privacy.