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Jan 21Night Switch 09.03

I do believe I’ve come up with something innovative in the field of mahou shoujo.

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Dec 17Four Months of the Harker Regime

I finished my fourth semester at Cal today. It was a bizarre semester. A lot of weird things happened, or were happening. I maintained an emo blog, which was good for me. I got too close to the sun and I burned myself, which was also probably good for me. I participated in NaNoWriMo, and got farther than I did last year. I lived with my brother and some friends of his, which was educational if not always pleasant. I mostly kept to myself, to my coding, to my work, to my anime, to my writing, to my room.

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Aug 25Second Semester Begins

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“A six-tatami room with no bath, ten minute walk from the college. … The walls are thin and hardly soundproof. The residents are all students.”

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Dec 31Looking Back on 2008

It has been one hell of a year for me. A lot has happened… here’s a timeline.

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Mar 11I may not be able to unlock [it] anymore

It was kind of awkward finding a suitable quote from the intro this time around. I can’t use Akari’s line because this episode is about Alice, and Alice’s complete line (“I may not be able to unlock Athena’s treasure box anymore!!!”) sounds 100% wrong taken out of context.

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Feb 19Alice shoots for ‘kora kora mumumu,’ misses

This week Shirukii beat me to posting about the latest and greatest episode of ARIA, so I’ll leave you guys with some brief thoughts. Please forgive me—I’ve a lot to get to doing, as I was essentially AWOL the last four days.

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