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Nov 21Of Ads and Revenue

So for the past 15 days I’ve been running incredibly unobtrusive ads in the main site sidebar. They’re at the bottom there, beneath the big links to buying DotQ t-shirts and supporting bloggers’ rights. I did my best to keep them inoffensiveǃÓno animation, all safe for work, all the same size, etc.

I’ve “made” 39 cents in 15 days.

That’s more than two cents per day, which is more than two free months of DotQ’s hosting per year. I call this worthwhile, but I’m willing to listen to other opinions on the matter.

Should I go all the way? ADS EVERYWHERE?
Should I go just a bit further? Ads on the forums for more pageviews which means higher bids?
Should I stay where I am?
Or should I cut back? Ads are evil, after all.

So yes, opinions!