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michael pruess

I’m twenty-two and a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, where I studied rhetoric, creative writing, and education. I started DotQ back in 2005 after teaching myself HTML. Most of the site’s content is mine, but, as a fan of creativity and collaboration, I’m trying to change that. Writing and drawing are really just hobbies to me, but I love them to death. Web design isn’t a hobby anymore: I currently work as a web designer (see my other site). Other things I enjoy, and can’t devote as much time to as I’d like: anime, Pathfinder, game design, Warcraft III mapping, Stepmania, and posting a lot on a lot of forums. In my free time, I sleep. You’ll also find that I’m an outspoken radical.

James Davis (aka Alar) – Co-adminContactPosts

james davis

I’m twenty and have already finished high school. I’m not exactly sure what I’m aiming for, but at the moment I’m in a technical school trying to earn several national certificates in the field of Computer Maintenance, Networking, Wireless, and VOIP. Whether or not I finish them all will depend on how much the class gets done as a whole. If I end up getting jobs in those fields, yay for me. If I like them, even more yay! I joined DotQ practically right after it was started, and have been a prime perpetrator ever since! This place is great and I hope it goes on for a long time. I enjoy anime, writing, drawing, and reading. I’ve had multiple jobs but nothing very professional. I play too much World of WarCraft and I also enjoy StarCraft and other WarCraft games. Drawing My Heart is something I very much want to see finished, so I’ve got to make everyone work harder! Also, I bring the fun.